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Quality Assurance

at King Tiger we are building excellence every day.

We have a fully-equipped Laboratory and a Standard Room to conduct mechanical, dimensional and chemical testing. Raw materials are tested immediately on receipt to ensure that the products are made of materials of the right specifications. Surprise analysis and regular inspections are carried out to ensure every minute detail of the products in process before their final dispatch. Tests are performed following industry standards and customers' requirements.

In-house quality control laboratories

To ensure top quality, we test our products along the entire production process through our multiple in-house Quality Control Laboratories.

  • Tensile strength Lab: Extrusion Lines
  • Powder coating Lab: Fully equipped laboratory
  • Anodizing Lab: Fully equipped laboratory
  • Polyamide assembling Lab: Q-Test, T-test, programmed oven (20-200ο C) & laser machine for traceability
  • Material Analysis Spectrograph: Aluminium Foundry
  • New Products Testing Lab

Perfection through
continuous testing

Training of employees on quality aspects
Paying close attention to the importance of the human factor in achieving high quality, we define for each position a specific quality control directive that must be followed carefully. Additionally, group training is carried out regularly regarding new products, as well as re-training for existing ones. It is our philosophy to place every employee in the position of the quality controller and enhance personal responsibility for efficient quality control. Also, we use a digital information system, through which any acquired experience in production can be recalled digitally, whenever a particular product is manufactured. Finally, special quality control executives, through their continuous presence at various production stages, educate and retrain our people permanently.

Holistic production

KT's main strategic choice has always been the constant improvement and expansion of its production capabilities. Thus, today it is one of the largest producers of engineering components in India with an incredible annual production capacity, ensuring effective quality control over the entire production process. One of KT's key competencies is its high vertical integration. From the foundry to various surface finishes, our ability to control all the production processes from the very beginning to the end ensures excellent quality control, flexibility, and fast response to the needs and wants of our customers.

Ensuring quality

The main reason KT has put such an enormous effort to develop an autonomous production plant capable to produce almost everything concerning engineering components is one: TRACEABILITY. Thanks to our advanced material handling system and our cutting-edge ERP system, we know every aspect of our production process and can make continuous improvements. Also, we can prevent on-time possible problems and implement an accurate tracking system of any item, from the starting point of production or purchase, until the final delivery. In that way, we can assure guaranteed quality to our customers, every day.

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